75 years ago  


Mr. and Mrs. Max Schilstat entertained a group of children at their home, 417 South Locust, Ave., in honor of their son’s birthday. Jerome Sidney Shilstat played games with his little friends. They were Helen Park, Mary Etta Wofford, Faye Lasley Jr., L.T. Lasley, Margie Edith, and Betty Ann Wofford and Sarah Kate Taylor. Birthday cake, ice cream and kiddy candies were served.

The name of the soil erosion service camp near Centerville was changed from Camp Halsey to Camp Conway. With the enrollment of 16 local experienced men, the company strength had been increased to 203. The normal strength of the company was 190, excluding officers and supervising personnel.


50 years ago 


A crowd estimated at 10,000 watched the record length parade, which opened the 23rd annual Faulkner County Fair. Bands, colorful floats, horse riders and guests of honor and military figures took part in the parade. Greenbrier floats carried away most of the float prize money. The senior class float copped the $50 first prize and the junior class float took third prize of $20. The second place float was entered by St. Joseph Catholic School and won $30. Winners in the horse riding division were Charles Acres, Charles Ward, Helen Evans, Bess Fulmer, Bobby Morris, Mickie and Dickie Fortner, Carolyn Rowlett, Connie and Karen Banister, and most comical, Son Milam. Special guests in the parade were Sen. John L. McClellan, Chief Justice Carleton Harris of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Associate Justice John Ward, and Rep. Dale Alford.


25 years ago


Miss Jackie Gault and Randy Kemp were selected Miss Future Homemaker of America and FHA Beau at Guy-Perkins High School. Other candidates for Miss FHA were Lanell Dawson, Renetta Ealy and Doreen Foster. Lovell Jenkins was the runner up candidate for FHA beau.

Conway tennis players won first place in three events at the Fairfield Bay Fall Tennis Classic. Pat Reynolds took first place in the Men’s B Singles. Kit Carson and Wade Kreie won the Men’s B Doubles crown. Kreie and Bev McChristian teamed to win the Mixed A Doubles.

Patrice and Jim Isom were parents of their first child, a son, Elliot Emerson, born at Baptist Medical Center. The baby weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces.

10 years ago 


Bob Courtway Middle School downed Greenbrier’s eight grade 14-6. The Kittens scored in the first quarter on a fourth and long situation. Dillon Rolleigh passed 30 yards to Matt Hall. BCMS later scored on a 75-yard kickoff return by Adrian Wyrick. Scott Lar, Glenn McCracken and Clay Vann were defensive standouts for Courtway. Jess Burroughs and Joe Lance played well on offense.

Dawn Crass Sanders was selected to the University of Mississippi Concert Singers for the 1999-2000 season. Ms. Sanders was a graduate student in choral conducting at the University. 

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