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AP LEGAL AFFAIRS WRITER MIAMI — A man described by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a black-market chemist who concocted athletic performance-enhancing drugs in his garage pleaded not guilty Thursday to criminal charges arising from Major League Baseball’s recent drug scandal. Paulo Bereju...

Thu, 2014-10-23 17:31

ASSOCIATED PRESS CHICAGO — The federal judge overseeing a first-of-its-kind head injury settlement with the NCAA expressed serious concerns Thursday about some terms and the vast scope of the $75 million deal that currently encompasses all college athletes going back decades. Facing NCAA and plain...

Thu, 2014-10-23 17:31

Beryl Baptist Church will be celebrating 125 years of the founding of Beryl, Sunday, Oct. 26. There will be a special morning service at 9:45, then again at 11. A potluck lunch will be served after the service.

Thu, 2014-10-23 17:21

Christian friends I greet you in the name of Jesus. No other name is greater than the name Jesus: our Lord and our Savior.

Thu, 2014-10-23 17:21

Hello everyone! There is an old saying, "Good things come to those who wait." Unfortunately, displaying patience is much easier said than done.

Thu, 2014-10-23 17:20

Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:   • Theft of property at 400 block of Harkrider Street. A man reported that a houseguest had apparently stolen a guitar, amplifier, LG Straight Talk phone and a backpack on Tuesday.   • Theft of property at 1200 block of ...

Thu, 2014-10-23 17:00

Issue 3 would enact sweeping ethics reform in the Capitol, and it would also double legislator term limits. Introduced by State Reps. Warwick Sabin (D) and Jon Woods (R), the state Constitutional amendment has drawn some criticism for combining ethics reform with term limits. Sabin said the ethics r...

Thu, 2014-10-23 16:24

OTTAWA, Ontario - He was a recent convert to Islam and a petty criminal with a long rap sheet, including a string of drug offenses.

Thu, 2014-10-23 16:11

Veteran's Outreach Ministries will be present at the Rice Young VFW Post 7514 located at 1295 Bee Branch Rd., Quitman, on Saturday, Oct. 25, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Thu, 2014-10-23 16:11

Each Friday the school Backpack program sends food home to assist children in meeting their nutritional needs over the weekend. The food will add to what the families already have, and for some it is a way to make sure the children are getting meals.

Thu, 2014-10-23 16:10