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Walmart shooting suspect was store employee, police say

Posted: February 2, 2014 - 9:58am
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Police lights flash at a Walmart in Conway on Saturday night as officers investigate a shooting inside the store. A department spokesperson said Sunday morning the person believed to be responsible is in police custody. One woman was injured in the shooting, and was in stable condition at last check, police said.  LEE HOGAN STAFF PHOTO
Police lights flash at a Walmart in Conway on Saturday night as officers investigate a shooting inside the store. A department spokesperson said Sunday morning the person believed to be responsible is in police custody. One woman was injured in the shooting, and was in stable condition at last check, police said.

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Police say the suspect in the Saturday night shooting at a Walmart in north Conway was an employee of the store.

Conway police officers were dispatched to the store, located at 1155 Skyline Drive, around 9:57 p.m. The shooting left one woman, identified as Lori Martin, injured. Department spokesperson La Tresha Woodruff said Martin, whose age was not known by police, is currently in critical, but stable condition at the Conway Regional Medical Center.

Woodruff said Myron Terrell, a store custodian, was developed as a suspect shortly after the shooting, and arrested at his apartment in the 1800 block of Hogan Lane on probable cause.

In a Facebook post Sunday afternoon, the Conway Police Department thanked store employees for their help in developing Terrell as a suspect. 

"Thanks to Walmart employees for their full cooperation and quick actions during this incident," the department said. "They were a tremendous help in identifying and locating the suspect."

According to the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office inmate roster, Terrell, 29, was processed at the Faulkner County jail around 4:38 a.m. Sunday. Terrell shows a charge of criminal conduct constituting attempt, and no bond has been set, according to the website.

There has been discussion of possible charges of first-degree battery or attempted murder, police said. Terrell has "minor things" in his criminal record, but nothing that compares to his alleged actions Saturday night, Woodruff said.

Although police believe Terrell did not know the victim, investigators say it appears she was targeted.

"Looking at video and talking to people led detectives to believe [the victim] was targeted, but no evidence leads to them knowing each other," Woodruff said.

The shooting is still being investigated by authorities.

"We're still talking to witnesses and trying to figure out what caused this to happen," Woodruff said. "Obviously, the victim has been in the hospital receiving treatment, and we have not talked to her."

According to police, Martin was shot multiple times while waiting in a checkout line in the store.

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Corvette Fan
Corvette Fan 02/02/14 - 01:04 pm
Good job CPD and prayers for

Good job CPD and prayers for the victim

conwaytwt 02/02/14 - 02:03 pm
looks different

This guy looks different from the guy in the image released last night.

Tova 02/02/14 - 03:55 pm
Like it or not!

Something has to be done about guns and the owners being out of control with them!
To many shootings,one is to many but people are being victimized daily now!
It's not safe to shop anymore,anywhere!
Elkhart Indiana last week had a similar shooting,only the two victims weren't fortunate enough to survive!
Oh and a Walmart in Michigan was set on fire as a rouse to rob the electronics dept.
The guy who did that also was found,with a gun!
It's nation wide and if you check the news all over this country this has become an epidemic!
'Guns don't kill people,[filtered word] off crazy people kill people!
Nobody handles anger well anymore,it's to easy to just shoot people instead!
Well wishes go out to the poor gal would was victimized!

cyndie74 02/03/14 - 06:21 am

Then, according to your statement, we should also ban matches, lighters, and fire making device. This might also include anything that is not fire resistant. You DO know that in countries with gun bans there is still crazy people who kill people right? Please tell me your not that dense. On second thought, your post tells me that you are.

alipage72 02/03/14 - 10:35 am

Do you drink alcohol? Ever? We could ban that as well. Idiots that drink and drive kill daily. My father was shot and killed while he slept. He owned a gun. I am not against gun ownership and the right to bear arms. I wish to God he hadn't been shot by a coward and instead had been awake because then perhaps he would have stood a fighting chance and been able to blow the coward's head off. Had they not had access to a gun, they might have grabbed a butcher knife of the kitchen counter. Either way, they were determined to kill him. Perhaps we should ban all those nifty kitchen knife sets we have sitting on our kitchen countertops. You can argue all day long about what people should or shouldn't be allowed to own, but until you can get each and every crazy, low-life off the streets, you are going to have this happening. If a person wants to kill, then yes, having access to a gun may make it easier, but they will kill with whatever device they find available. I'm just sorry there wasn't a person in line with a concealed weapon.

Hennysmom 02/03/14 - 11:51 am

When someone walks into a school, store, home, etc with the intention of causing death and mayhem they aren't going to let a little matter like a gun permit stop them. Please understand, a law abiding citizen who registers their fire arms, goes to the trouble to qualify and earn a concealed carry permit aren't the ones you need to be afraid of. Their are already umpteen laws regulating gun ownership, more laws won't stop someone already intent on doing harm. Remember criminals don't follow the rules like you and I do.

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