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Residents speak about experiences, concerns after oil spill

Posted: May 29, 2013 - 5:00pm
Scott Crow, Genieve Long and Damien Byers were part of a panel of Mayflower residents who spoke about concerns at the May 29 town hall meeting.  Angela Spencer Staff Photo
Angela Spencer Staff Photo
Scott Crow, Genieve Long and Damien Byers were part of a panel of Mayflower residents who spoke about concerns at the May 29 town hall meeting.

Genieve Long said she will never let her children eat what they catch in Lake Conway again. Long, who lives in Mayflower, said her children’s life has changed after the ExxonMobil Pegasus Pipeline ruptured two months ago.

“Unfortunately, my children’s normal way of life from fishing to hunting to playing in the mud to splashing through puddles of water is forever, forever gone,” she said.

Long was one of four affected residents who spoke at the town hall meeting May 29 organized by Faulkner County Citizens Advisory Group.

Damian Byers echoed the concern, saying his land was what he was planning to leave for his 16-month-old son. He also had plans of raising his son in the natural area Lake Conway offered, but does not see that as an option anymore.

“Now, I’m going to have to go out of my way to teach my young man here how to be an Arkansan,” Byers said.

Scott Crow said he used to go to Lake Conway with his father with “Moonpies and drinks and crickets and we’d go fish.”

“I can’t do that with my grandkids now,” Crow said. “I can’t share that memory with them. And that upsets me.”

Memories were not the only concerns shared by the residents. Health issues that started after the oil spill have caused problems, and their relation to the oil is unknown.

Crow said he and his wife have both had headaches and nausea, and Crow had a pass-out experience the week of the spill. His wife has to use an inhaler now and he has to take medicine for nausea.

“We’re still sick and nobody’s doing anything,” he said. “Any doctors we go to, they don’t know what to do with it. They’ve never experienced this ... We’re pretty much at a standstill; we don’t know what to do with it.”

Ann Jarrell said she was at home with her daughter and her three-month-old grandchild when the spill occurred. Once they smelled the oil, Jarrell’s daughter said they should leave. Jarrell called the Mayflower Police Department and was told she did not have to evacuate.

“‘That smell is just put in there so we know if the pipe breaks or something,’” she said she was told. “So we stayed.”

She said her doctor scheduled an MRI because he could not figure out what was causing her sudden migraines, but she said as soon as she goes out of town for work her headaches go away.

Jarrell said she was not evacuated, but her bees were.

She is a beekeeper and a couple days after the spill she went to check on her two hives when she found the front porch of the hives covered in dead, oil-covered bees.

“I called the state plant board and they did an emergency evacuation of my bees,” she said. “I stayed there, but my bees got moved to a safe distance away.”

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woopig97 05/30/13 - 12:54 pm
Come on People!

Let me start by saying that this spill was a very bad thing for all parties involved. I will also say that Exxon should compensate these people for the property loss and various other problems this has caused. I live within 15 miles of this spill and have followed it closely from the day it happened. I'm sure there is allot that i don't know but it seems that Exxon is trying to do right by the people of Mayflower. But come on people! It's obvious these folks are trying to cash in on this whole thing. There is a lot this article does NOT tell you about this Scott Crow character and I will just leave it at that. I will say again, the people who were affected should be compensated well by Exxon but this whole thing has brought the white trash out of the wood works and they are all looking for a pay day. It's not like they were living on Table Rock to begin with. These residents have been dumping sewage in this lake for decades and half of the "homes" in mayflower have stuff in their yard that is more harmful than this oil. People like Scott Crow accompanied with their blood sucking lawyers are the reason our great country is in the shape it is today. Always looking for a handout

Oilman 05/30/13 - 07:33 pm

This is beginning to be unbelievable! They say they can't let their kids play in the area anymore or ever eat fish out of the lake again. These people are only after easy money and act as though they should get enough money to all have trust funds. Exxon has jumped through hoops to please everyone and CLEAN up any environmental damage. They have paid bogus claims by greedy people just making stuff up to maintain a positive corporate image. What about the people who own acerage and this pipeline runs right through the middle of their large acerages which devalues their property and limits what activites,uses etc. They have had to deal with this devaluing of their property and limited use for 50 years for a one time lifetime royality back in the 40's after the depression and paid as little as $32 one-time payment for entire easement. Those are the people who should sue Exxon-Mobile--These people not only got exploited but shafted much worse than a leak which has been cleaned up.

GodandCountry 05/31/13 - 11:26 am
Scott Crow

I guess my previous comments about Scott Crow were to personal. I assume the Log Cabin deleted them. Ok, thats fine...I'll just say that if you want to find out what kind of character Mr. Crow is....check out his work history, education & criminal record & previous lawsuit against Faulkner Co.

Reaganesque 06/01/13 - 08:47 am

An oil spill is unfortunate but is it as bad as what Moore. OK experienced?

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