Rachel's Rumors: It's been a long road, Purple Cow

I don’t know if even my most faithful readers can appreciate how satisfying it is for me to see The Purple Cow open in Conway. I tried to remember how long ago it was when I first learned from a company executive that the restaurant was coming to town. Memory failed me. I searched the online archives of the Log Cabin Democrat for references in old columns. They went back as far as 2008 and then just stopped, without the original announcement ever surfacing. I have chased the cow for a long, long time. Lord willing, by the time this is published, I will have made it to the Conway location for a long-awaited celebratory milkshake and something cooked on a grill.


Also in The Village at Hendrix’s neck of the woods, How Do You Roll, the sushi place that is coming soon, has a sign up indicating they are now hiring.

Construction in progress

Here are the latest rumors on what is happening around town. I say the latest ones — I received so many emails on these two, I felt like I was the last one to know. Hopefully there are still a few people wondering.

• Apparently Los 3 Portrillos is opening a new location in the spot across from the high school that was formerly Casa Mariachi. The building has a new coat of paint and is starting to look better already.

• Also, I’m told the demolition at the old movie theater will make way for a new fitness center.

• The future home of Tacos 4 Life is starting to look like a building. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to let you know when they are opening.


I’m always concerned about vacant buildings as well. Here are a couple I’m aware of.

• I noticed the Butler Furniture store is going out of business. Is this going to mean an empty building at a busy intersection? Someone do something.

• When did the bank at Conway Commons close? I’ll be honest; I don’t even know which bank it was. But there is a Flake and Kelley Real Estate sign on the property. We’ve got banks aplenty — someone get in there.

OK, there you have my ramblings for the week. By the way, I got a few emails asking me where I had been for the past couple of weeks. I’m sorry for disappearing, but I’m back. Have a great week.

(Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist. Send your questions and comments to rachelpdickerson@gmail.com)



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