Thumbs: Arkansas ice, Super Bowl, Griffin's campaign funds

Beauty? Maybe. Arkansas ice – enjoyable to look at, destructive to live with. It is an element that people from the north often don’t grasp. They lampoon us for not being able to handle snow. Then they experience an Arkansas ice storm, and sometimes their tune changes quite a bit.


Idle pursuits. We have a confession to make. We often enjoy reading those many Internet pass-alongs — messages forwarded until some folks take them as gospel. One recent example: “OK, so you are 10 years old and have a laptop, iPod, Facebook and Smart Phone. Dude, when I was 10, I only had one thing to play with. It was called ‘outside.’”

Interesting entertainment. Being fans of neither the Seahawks nor the Broncos but an admirer of Peyton Manning, we still enjoyed the lopsided Super Bowl. Players we were not familiar with did remarkable things during the game. The pundits will dissect this one at length, but the “want-to” team won, in our estimation.

Serious shortcomings. Razorback basketball enthusiasts are becoming scarce items. The Hogs are not doing well, and this was supposed to be the turnaround season. It’s a cliché, but Arkansas has players, not a team. This fact gives us some, repeat, some, encouragement although the wolves are starting to howl about coach Mike Anderson.

Right direction. Congressman Tim Griffin is a politician, but we don’t mind his patting himself on the back for disposing of excess campaign funds the proper and legal way. We repeat an observation of some weeks back — we think Tim Griffin will be heard from in the future in state or national politics.

Ka-ching is heard. Conway’s city government is talking of major expenditures for upgrading streets at the old airport which will become a major commercial development. Certainly, this is needed before the center is built, not during or after. Southeast Conway is behind times in terms of sufficient streets.

“This (farm bill) was a good piece of legislation. Those fixes that these other companies want and these other industries want, they can be done elsewhere. They don’t have to be done in the farm bill. The underlying farm policy is very good. This is legislation, it will be tweaked as we go.”

— Mark Pryor, United States

Senator from Arkansas.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 21:00

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