Thumbs: Greek village, Mayflower QB's, government shutdown

Automotive legacy. The recent obituary of Kay Steel Dean brings up the long history of the Conway Chevrolet dealership. It is now Superior and before that John Walters, Bill Dean, Parrott-Steel and Parrott. Can someone tell us the name of the agency before Joe Parrott acquired it way back yonder?


Innovative step. The University of Central Arkansas announced it is building a Greek village a short distance north of the campus. Houses for sororities will be built first then houses for fraternities. Among other things, this should ease the problem of student lodging somewhat as well as making an attractive block of Conway

A soaring Eagle. Mayflower High quarterback Adam Dycus had the game of a lifetime against Perryville last Friday night. He completed 20 of 27 passes for 592 yards and eight — yes, eight — touchdowns. This was not against a pushover team, either. With recent Greenbrier quarterback successes, our county has something noteworthy at this football position.

A fast pace. Hendrix is doing nicely for its first football season in more than half a century with two victories in three tries. A positive note is the atmosphere that has developed at the games. People are having fun with tailgating and such. Saturday’s Millsaps game may be a rough one for the Warriors, but they have showed spunk and ability.

Dark road looms. The Arkansas football Razorbacks did well against Top 10 Texas A&M, but offensive and defensive lines were worn down in the fourth quarter as was the case a week earlier at Rutgers. The Hogs are competitive even when out-manned. Stiff opposition the rest of the year won’t mean a shining win-loss record.

Aggravating, disgusting. If anything makes our blood pressure rise, it is this government shutdown specter. There is no reason for it. Disagree in Congress? Sure. It is natural. But shutdowns seldom happened in times past. Why now? Are the people we send to Washington more callous, more inclined to ignore compromise in favor of finger pointing?

“The Greek system helps retention. It helps recruitment, and I think it improves our graduation rates over time. It also is where we get many, [but] not all, of our student leaders on this campus.”

— Tom Courtway,

University of Central Arkansas president.



Wed, 12/13/2017 - 10:58

Guest Column: Legalize Gambling in the State of Arkansas

The state of Arkansas voted in November of 2008 to legalize the sale of lottery tickets in the name of scholarship money for higher education. Arkansas should legalize gambling in casinos as well because of the increase in tax revenues both locally and state wide, as well as other benefits the decision would carry. According to statistics provided by, the two commercial casinos in our neighboring state of Oklahoma are taxed at rates of up to 30 percent on gaming revenues, and at a 9 percent rate on horse racing revenues. This increase in tax revenue could mean many great things for the state of Arkansas and its communities.

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