Yesterdays (1/14/11)



75 years ago


Maurice Moix, Fourth ward alderman, whose term expires shortly, will seek renomination in the forthcoming city Democratic primary, he announced today.


50 years ago


Customade Products Corp’s plant at Conway has contracted to manufacture coin-operated dry cleaning machines for a Little Rock firm, J. P. (Pat) Stoltz, general manager of the Customade plant, revealed today.

Customade is employing 213 persons, including office personnel. This number is expected to be increased by 25 to 30 percent this year.


25 years ago


The Vilonia School District’s Board of Education agreed last night to name its football stadium in honor of Phillip D. Weaver, a 1985 graduate of Vilonia High School who was killed Nov. 17 in an automobile accident. 


10 years ago


John Edd Pate has been named salesman of the month for December at Smith Ford.


deLinde: Testing for Welfare

Many people have debated if welfare spending is worthwhile. One side argues that welfare payments are not large enough to provide what is needed to meet the peoples’ needs for a month. The other side argues that welfare payments are often spent frivolously on unnecessary and illegal spending. An effective way to address both concerns would be to pay welfare recipients more money if they are drug tested. This would ensure that welfare payments are not used to buy drugs, removing one of the main objections that taxpayers have for the proposal to increase welfare payments.

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David Grimes: The Burnett father was pretty good also


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