Thumbs: Major projects, great weather, Bielema

Gain some knowledge. Tuesday evening at the Centennial Special Events Center, officials and leaders will explain two major Conway developments — Central Landing and Lewis Crossing. We need to understand these projects and perhaps dispel a rumor or two. Such a public meeting is very much a positive step.


It is feeling good. Here we are entering August, and temperatures are mild for an Arkansas summer. Grass is green top. But there are roughly six more weeks of summer ahead, and it could still become hot and dry. Chances are good that we’ll get through this summer without the usual sweltering unpleasantness — and days are gradually getting shorter.

Can they write? Public education trends confound us at times, like the discarding of teaching cursive writing. Now kids will either print or use a keyboard, we are told. All right, we can do both, but when it comes time for taking notes or getting something on paper in a hurry, it still brings forth cursive writing.

Hot weather treats. Summer in Arkansas brings forth two favorite foods — fresh tomatoes and homemade ice cream. Electric ice cream makers have replaced the old hand-cranked machines, but the debate over best flavor remains — fresh peach ice cream, vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream. Delicious.

Show us something. Our position on Bret Bielema as Razorback head football coach has not changed. Last year, his first, was a disaster. And he has talked a lot, maybe too much, turning off some lukewarm Hog fans. It is imperative that the team shows improvement this coming season, whatever the record may be.

A bit if beauty. No matter how often we see deer, they remain enjoyable to glimpse. Driving on a rural road in morning sun, we had a doe jump across in front of us followed by two fawns. They were pretty. But the two young’uns swerved and ran down the road instead of into the woods like mama had done. Obey your mother, youngsters.

“I think they (Gateway Planning) brought our community’s vision to life quite well. I think everyone is in agreement that the area is under served and under-utilized. They did a remarkable job. They listened well, and what they presented is an excellent manifestation of community input.”

— Wes Craiglow,

Conway city official

on the Markham Street project



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