Thumbs: 'Judgegate,' Community Coffee and Prince Street

Get past it. “Judgegate” appears to be fading from the daily news scene. Judicial candidates who were lax in paying dues are being allowed to remain on ballots for the upcoming elections. Our thinking is that (1) something equating a parking ticket shouldn’t keep these people out of office and (2) it still is a point for criticizing candidates.


A special taste. A sign at a Greenbrier convenience store said, “We have Community Coffee.” Yes, the Cajun stuff. Folger’s and Maxwell House are still in our midst, but lovers of the robust Community brand are growing in number. Community originated nearly a hundred years ago in the Baton Rouge area.

Sign of the times? Old-time Conway residents would likely be aghast at the high and prominent sign greeting motorists driving south on U.S. 65 nearing the city. “Bar.” Heavens, and ours is a dry county — formally. We merely point this out as an example of antiquated and unrealistic laws regarding alcoholic beverages.

Attractive addition. The widening and improving of Prince Street is another welcomed change in Conway. Not everyone will agree, of course, but we like the stately double light structures down the median of the revamped roadway. Hopefully, these will have a healthier lifespan than the imperiled ones along Interstate 40.

What’s in the cupboards? A quick and casual assessment of spring football for the Arkansas Razorbacks and the UCA Bears is that UCA first-year coach Steve Campbell has a better stock of material than Arkansas’ second-year coach Bret Bielema. The comparison is for material on hand, not what could be added before fall play begins.

A seat getting warm. Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long is in a high profile position with his three hires in three years of Mike Anderson for men’s basketball, Bret Bielema for football and Jimmy Dykes for women’s basketball. Antsy fans demand some winners. Anderson has the best chance for next year’s achievement of this, we think.



“There is no testimony or other proof before the court that Judge (H.G.) Foster ever was unlicensed. A disciplinary suspension reads the same way as an administrative suspension, but they are very different things than being unlicensed.”

— Wendell Griffen,
Pulaski County circuit judge