Thumbs: Fountain possibilities, private option, ice storm responders

An opportunity? That new fountain in downtown Conway is temptation, like miscreants dumping detergent into it. Will someone advocate judicious and legitimate use of coloring agents like green for St. Patrick’s, blue for Conway High homecoming, purple for UCA Paint the Town, orange for Hendrix something or the other?


Don’t run with scissors. We have a fresh new case of dangers of social media, and this one involves a prominent Conway person. Good people, when you use Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you can’t recall your words. There is no rubber string attached. If you don’t want all the world to see it now and in the future, just don’t post it.

We are getting there. Look closely at trees and shrubs around your place. Yes, those tiny things at the end of branches are buds. Winter is not over by any means, and we are hopeful the snow and ice of the recent past are just that — in the past. Spring is a couple of weeks off officially, and new growth of all sorts will be upon us.

Welcomed harbingers. Purple martins appearing are early indicators of warmer times of the year. Bird enthusiast Michael Linz of Conway reports seeing four purple martins the other day at Beaverfork Lake. If you have martin houses or bluebird boxes, be sure to clean them out now for use by this year’s nesters.

No sigh of relief. The state House of Representatives passed that Medicaid issue on the fifth try. Progress? No. It’s another indicator that working for the public good is not in the game plan of too many of our elected officials. Sure, disagreements are going to happen. Live with it, compromise when necessary and move ahead, legislators.

Ready response. Monstrous traffic jams on two east Arkansas interstates brought out local and state police, the National Guard and the Game and Fish Commission to get food and other essentials to marooned motorists and truckers. Point fingers of blame if you must, but it is good to have responders when there is an emergency.


“It’s awful the mess they’ve got in over there. We’ve been trying to figure out why the highway department wasn’t there quicker with treating those roads. They tell us … they did pretreat them but all the rain washed it off. I don’t understand why a Missouri highway is clear and an Arkansas highway is not, if it joins right there together.”

— Governor Mike Beebe

on the interstate traffic snarls.