Letter to the Editor: Sen. Rapert a poor steward of our money

Sen. Rapert a poor steward of our money


I read a story this morning. Judge Susan Webber Wright ordered the state to pay $69,025.45 in attorneys’ fees and court costs. These fees were incurred, in part, because Sen. Jason Rapert pushed the state to defend a bill they knew was unconstitutional and would cost the state of Arkansas money. Senator Rapert took an oath to uphold the US and Arkansas State constitutions. Instead, he wastes time and taxpayer monies to pursue futile efforts while claiming on his website to be “honored” to have “earned the trust of others in Conway and Faulkner County to manage their hard-earned money.” He goes on to say, “As a senator, I have proposed and supported legislation that fights for hardworking Arkansas taxpayers and makes state government more accountable to the people.”

Well, Senator Rapert – I am asking for your accountability to me, your constituent. You are a poor steward of state monies. I do not trust you. You could have given meals to 26,548 children with food insecurity around this state. You could pay a teacher’s salary and benefits package with that money. You have trespassed against your constituency. As our senator you knowingly, wantonly wasted our taxpayer dollars. Stop the grandstanding, do something with substance. I doubt you manage your client’s money by flushing it down the toilet — please consider giving your Arkansas constituency the same consideration you give your clients.

I have tried to contact Sen. Rapert. He does not respond, and he blocks anyone on social media who does not agree with him. He claims abuse, but he blocks most anyone who disagrees with him no matter how professional or polite they may be. We have little to no way of contacting him. I have requested a meeting with him. He has not yet responded but I am still hopeful. He has turned down an FOIA request for his public meeting calendar.

I want this published because he needs to be accountable somewhere and this is difficult. I am a student but I believe I deserve to be heard by my representatives. Please help.

— Julie Gerlinger, Conway

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