Letter to the Editor: Lessmann has true character

Lessmann has true character

I read the article on Marvin Lessmann’s complaints regarding the county clerk’s office and the subsequent published anonymous comments.


Having known him for approximately five years, most of these comments were, in my opinion, not a true reflection of whom Marvin really is.

As for the conservative who wrote that Marvin made the Republicans look bad: If it wasn’t for Marvin’s chairmanship of the Republican Party around 2009, it would still be in the terrible state it was before he took over. And he was in part responsible for the victorious campaigns of Republicans in 2010 for the first time in a long time in Faulkner County.

I have heard that some Democrats voted for his opponent because they were worried about Marvin being more capable of winning against a Democrat. Republicans have done the same thing, under similar circumstances.

As for as the conservative’s anonymous accusation of some unethical behavior on Marvin’s part: Unless they know for sure of him threatening someone, they shouldn’t make that accusation.

In the past, people were a lot more careful about making accusations they may or may not know were true. Unfortunately, today it seems all you need to make accusations is someone said it on the internet or you heard it from someone. I know it isn’t the popular viewpoint these days, but maybe the reason God warned us not to make false accusations is because of all the hurt it causes?

When I recently acquired a life-threatening illness, Marvin happened to come by our house at a time when we needed some repairs done. Knowing that most of our money was going toward astronomical medical bills and that my husband was unable to do them; without our asking him, he volunteered to both pay for the repairs and supervise the workers. As the old saying goes, when you go through something like this, you find out who your real friends are.

Marvin has always endeavored to reform the election process in Faulkner County, something we all — whether Republican or Democrat — should work together in order that they remain fair and honest. That’s what our wise forefathers intended.

In summary, what I know about him is that he is the kind of friend who will help you, both financially and with his time if you need it; that he’s a hard worker who is seriously loyal to his Party, and that he wants to hold the election process accountable, even if it’s for something seemingly insignificant. In my opinion, that’s the kind of man we need in office today.

And, after all he’s done for them, I hope more conservatives will jump to his defense.

It is also my hope that the people who anonymously wrote those ugly comments will think before saying those things again. If not, it’s OK, because we live in a country (thank God) where you are free to speak your mind even if it’s anonymous and untrue, and count on your vote being counted honestly. I sincerely hope that whomever we elect will fight for those rights, Democrat or Republican.

— Deb Prince,