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Letter: What's wrong with sanitation department?

Posted: December 7, 2013 - 7:25pm

What’s wrong with the sanitation department?

Since the City of Conway improved the streets on the south end of Front Street, I took on the task of cleaning up the overgrown area behind my shop. After three mayor-required brown bags, I decided to wait upon the pickup of those before I proceeded further.

One month later, I am informed by our sanitation department that it is “against their rules” to pick up anything but trash in the downtown area. After being referred to and calling the street department and the parks department and receiving a stunned response from each, I called the sanitation department again only to receive the same response from the boss on duty.

Of course, I could not get through to the mayor’s office after an hour of trying.

I am so glad that I did not get as aggressive toward my clean-up as I had originally planned.

— Pam Bertha,

Pam’s Barbershop, Conway

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rosie300 12/08/13 - 10:18 pm

What's wrong with Sanitation following rules?

You do have to follow the "no yard waste" rules like the rest of us.
It's amazing that some businesses feel they deserve special treatment & complain when they don't get their way.

Tova 12/09/13 - 11:13 am

Sanitation Dept.

Was my incident an isolated event?
I'm not sure wether it was or not but it was some time ago that I moved into Conway and the green receptacle was overflowing with trash that was not mine,some of it had fallen to the ground,so I picked up and returned the over flow back into the green bin.
One item was pieces/parts of a BBQ grill,anyway the driver of the trash pick up attempted to pick up the bin,miscalculating he dropped a BUNCH of the trash back onto my driveway & street!
He drove off as I watched,shaking my head.
He then realized I saw him drop it,he proceeded to come back with the explaination that 'that type of trash wasn't to be in the green containers anyway''.....
I got scolded for somebody else's trash and he drove away!
Never been thrilled with Conway trash rules since!
Especially when they raised the rates!

InsGuru 12/09/13 - 12:51 pm

What's wrong with it?

The same thing that's wrong with all the other services in Conway. You get 1 choice... Which means the sanitation department / Conway Corp can provide the crappiest service ever with no consequence of loss of business...

The internet / cable service is terrible, the yard waste service is awful (at least in my neighbor hood, stuff isn't picked up except every month to 2 months).

I had an incident on recycle day when a neighbor bought a larger TV. The box was picked up, fell out of the truck, and left laying in the road as the guy went down to the culdesac picked up the other side of the street, and continued past the box on his merry way.

conwayville 12/09/13 - 02:20 pm

What's wrong with the Sanitation department?

Ask anyone who works at the sanitation department. Then ask anyone who works under the director.

I've heard/seen some of what's wrong with that department. If half of you knew what actually happens out there....financially....you'd be upset as well.

The entire department is corrupt, starting at the top (which is 90% of the problem).

As Forest Gump said, "that's all I have to say about that."

ucantbserious 12/09/13 - 05:18 pm


Does a business and a residence pay the same amount for trash service? If so, then wouldn't it stand to reason that both trash and yard waste be collected from both locations?

ArkansasTraveler 12/10/13 - 07:42 am

This might work

Well, when they don't pick up stuff like they are supposed to you might threaten to bag it up and put it on Tab Townsell's desk. That could get results I bet..

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