Thumbs: Bond issue, UCA's first game, Mike Beebe's legacy

Make it happen. An election for by Conway taxpayers comes up Tuesday – passing of a bond issue with proceeds marked for infrastructure –streets to serve the major new commercial and hospital developments. No additional taxes are involved in the bond issue. This is an essential first step in the much-ballyhooed growth projects for our city.


National impression. Central Arkansas’ football Bears pushed heavily favored Texas Tech to the limit before losing by seven points. This is solid evidence that UCA will be a competent and competitive team this fall barring unforeseen disasters like a rash of injuries. We will likely hear favorable results from Texas Tech later in the year as well.

Not as impressive. The Arkansas Razorbacks lost to favored Auburn after a good first half. The Hogs looked better than last year, but they still have not learned football is a four quarters game. Offense seems to be improved. Defense seems not to be improved, with the secondary a major disappointment.

A modern cornerstone. Just four months remain in Mike Beebe’s two terms as Arkansas governor, and his wife says he has run his last race. Our assessment of Beebe is he ranks as one of the state’s most effective governor. No, we do not agree with everything he has done or advocated, but overall he has accomplished much.

For what it is worth. Political columnist John Brummett, once of the Log Cabin Democrat staff, raises the possibility of a Hillary Clinton-Mike Beebe presidential ticket in 2016 for the Democrats and Mike Huckabee leading a Republican ticket. Interesting speculation all right, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Abundant choices. Eating places in the Conway area come and go, but the fact is evident that we have a wide selection for lunch and supper away from home. We hate to see some favorites close doors, but this is life, or more accurately, this is business. Again, it is proof that the restaurant business is not an easy one.

“In that split second when the ice water hits you, it shuts down your central nervous system. You can’t talk, you can’t move. You can’t do anything but think about how cold the water is. And that’s kind of what it’s like having ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).”

— Matt Grissom of Conway who took the ice bucket challenge



Wed, 12/13/2017 - 10:58

Guest Column: Legalize Gambling in the State of Arkansas

The state of Arkansas voted in November of 2008 to legalize the sale of lottery tickets in the name of scholarship money for higher education. Arkansas should legalize gambling in casinos as well because of the increase in tax revenues both locally and state wide, as well as other benefits the decision would carry. According to statistics provided by, the two commercial casinos in our neighboring state of Oklahoma are taxed at rates of up to 30 percent on gaming revenues, and at a 9 percent rate on horse racing revenues. This increase in tax revenue could mean many great things for the state of Arkansas and its communities.

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