Thumbs: Conway's bond issue, great weather, Robin Williams

A giant first step. Hip, hip hooray for the news of the Central Landing and Lewis Crossing developments, but there is a vital issue to get these projects off the ground. A city of Conway bond issue that does not call for any new taxes must be approved by voters in early September. No bond money? The essential access streets don’t get built.


Enjoyment continues. We are now in mid-August, and the countryside is green. This contrasts sharply with the usual Arkansas late summer, and we can’t remember a similar year although there surely has been one or two. Lawns are having to be mowed more, Gardens are producing longer, and flowers are in bloom and not brown stalks.

A disturbing letdown. The United States is bombing targets in Iraq. Justification is debatable, but the resurgence of a war we hoped was in the past is extremely disappointing. President Obama ordered the action, and Republicans are quick to blame him for it although many in their ranks are called hawks, war-liking in general.

Hog clothing. Arkansas ranks highly, 14th in the nation, in sales of school related clothing, according to Collegiate Licensing Company. Want to guess who is No.1? Texas is tops for the ninth straight year. Alabama is second, followed by Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Florida State, Texas A&M and North Carolina.

Fundamental issues. Two major questions about this year’s Arkansas football Razorbacks keep us from some agree of optimism on the season chances. Questions? Yes. Blocking and tackling. If the Hogs can develop competency in these key components, they can improve on last year’s dismal 3-9 record, 0-8 in conference play.

Another icon is gone. Actor and comedian Robin Williams has died. He was in a class of his own, whether you loved his work, tolerated his antics or were turned off by them. Several of his earlier works were our favorites, although the recent television series was not. Robin, we are sorry you left us too soon.

“It was sometimes hard to make myself practice German when everyone wanted to speak English …. It’s a little bit harder to make friends, because they’re more reserved, but once you’re in their group, I think you’re friends for life.”

— Annie Courtway of Conway after a year in Switzerland