Cabin Window: Dillard's makes Conway a destination

The announcement of the new Central Landing shopping center, to be placed on the area of the old municipal airport, was reason enough to celebrate earlier this year. But now it seems like things are beginning to get real.


This past week, the revelation that Dillard’s department store, whose headquarters are just down the road in Little Rock, will be one of the anchors of Central Landing got residents more excited. With the long list of possible tenants lined up to take up space at the state-of-the-art facility, the reality is becoming clearer that although many will be happy to travel to Little Rock or Fayetteville or Memphis or Dallas or Oklahoma City to get out of town for a while, they won’t need to.

The addition of Dillard’s to a growing community that has large national fashion retailers as well as a growing local business base is telling. It is allowing Conway and Faulkner County to keep spending their money in their community instead of contributing to another area’s tax base. More jobs will be created for sales clerks and managers will be created here instead of those same people having to drive a half hour away just to get to work.

All of that was evident with the announcement of Central Landing, but when a name like Dillard’s is willing to stock the space with clothes and jewelry and luggage and everything else under the sun, it makes the excitement of growing the community that more palpable.

Think about not having to head out of town to finish your Christmas shopping. Think about having plenty of options for vacation clothing. Think about taking care of all your needs on a Saturday morning and still being home before lunchtime. That’s what adding these stores can do.

Adding Dillard’s to the list of other impending arrivals such as Sam’s Club is just more evidence that Conway is not just a nice little community outside of the Capitol. It’s a destination. More and more businesses are realizing it.

(The Editorial Board consists of Publisher Zach Ahrens, Editor Ricky Duke and Reporter Joe Lamb)

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