Thumbs: Life jackets, Frank Broyles, lottery shortfall

Until the end. For four days, personnel of the Conway Fire Department and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission searched Beaverfork Lake for a missing fisherman. This is not pleasant work. They knew where the overturned boat was found but had no idea where the victim actually fell into the water.


The time is coming. Sometime in the future we are going to have mandatory wearing of life jackets in Arkansas just like we have mandatory wearing of seat belts. Statistics of drowning victims not wearing life jackets are even more compelling than those of motor vehicle fatalities who were not using seat belts.

Shift in attitude. Accolades of all sorts are flowing with Frank Broyles’ ending 56 years of connection with the University of Arkansas. Our thought is the man had a large role in the significant turnaround of the whole state’s self-esteem with those successes on the playing field in the 1960s and 1970s.

Not taking chances. Frequently in the news is the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery saying (1) its revenue is coming up short, or (2) it wants more gimmicks including use of plastic — debit cards. The lottery is far from the panacea that backers promised just a few years ago. It is with us for the time being, but don’t expect an upturn to brighter days.

A rare horse. The rags-to-riches saga of California Chrome has been entertaining despite the Belmont Stakes loss. Co-owner Steve Coburn threw a hissy, was heavily criticized then apologized, sort of. Hey, the horse got bumped and suffered a foot injury coming out of the starting gate. Disappointment, yes. Now let it go.

Late this year. Don’t give up, you lovers of fresh garden vegetables. They are coming, just not as soon as most of us will like. A goofy spring, weather-wise, is chiefly to blame. Still, some folks got plantings early that survived the late cold snaps and now are enjoying green beans, yellow squash and above all else, ripe tomatoes.



“It was my intention and my goal to craft, as well as to cast, a clear definable vision that I believe that the greatest need in the Southern Baptist Convention, and quite honestly, the greatest need in the United States of America is a great awakening. We need the next spiritual awakening.”

—The Rev. Ronnie Floyd of Springdale

Newly elected president

of the Southern Baptist Convention

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