Cabin Window: Communities rebuild after getting knocked down

It may not seem like the most appropriate song to sing after a tornado hits your town, shattering buildings and homes, but the 1990’s hit “Tubthumping” immediately comes to mind: “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You ain’t ever gonna keep me down.”


We all know that the vibrant communities of Vilonia and Mayflower have been knocked down in recent years, Vilonia by an almost identical tornado in 2011, and Mayflower by an oil spill near Lake Conway in 2013. And they’ve been knocked down again with the tornado that came through Faulkner County a week ago.

Once again, the towns of Vilonia and Mayflower, as well as other areas of Faulkner County, have to deal with the wreckage the storm has wrought. Vilonia will have to start over again with their intermediate school, much as they did a few years ago. Mayflower and Saltillo have homes and businesses ruined. More important than all of those material items are the lives lost, some children, from this non-judgmental beast. We will never ever be prepared for the amount of devastation that can be unleashed in the span of a few minutes.

And yet, we get knocked down, but we get up again. It hardly seems fair that this area keeps bearing the brunt of recent disasters, but the fact that we keep fighting back, we pull together, we never give up and we move forward is a testament to what Gov. Mike Beebe said earlier this week — that we are “resilient.”

This will be another long road to complete recovery, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s that these are the people who will be able to achieve it.

There will never be enough thank yous to go out to people from around the state and from around the country who have responded by volunteering their time and skills and others who have donated food, clothing and other essential items. There have also been financial contributions from individuals and groups that will most certainly help us rebuild more quickly.

That’s what we’ll do. We’ll rebuild. We’ll mourn, we’ll clean up, we’ll move on. There’s no one that has been able to do it better than us. Hopefully, we’ll never have to do it again.

(The Log Cabin Democrat editorial board is comprised of Publisher Zach Ahrens, Editor Ricky Duke and Reporter Joe Lamb)