Thumbs: Spring coming, Winter Olympics, Private Option

We are getting there. Look closely at trees and shrubs around your place. Yes, those tiny things at the end of branches are buds. Winter is not over by any means, and we are hopeful the snow and ice of the recent past are just that — in the past. Spring is a month off officially, and new growth of all sorts will be upon us.


Write it down. An item in the police report the other day caught our eye. Someone had seen a suspicious vehicle and wrote down its license number. Sure enough, a burglary occurred, and police had a lead. It just takes a moment and doesn’t cost anything. Write down the license of a vehicle that seems out of place or otherwise odd.

Just enjoy them. The assorted hassles in the Winter Olympics don’t bother us, partly because we don’t fully understand these snow and ice activities. Television announcers whip up frenzies over some rhubarb, and we say, “huh?” Enjoyable events, but they won’t replace baseball, basketball, football and golf for us.

Where is the solution? Much news coverage is given the Arkansas General Assembly’s wrestling with the convoluted health care issues. Everyone, it seems, is against whatever is proposed. If a bill is a bad one, vote against it. Please, though, come up with a better one and be able to persuasively tell why it is the answer.

Another wasteland. It was just a few years ago that Little Rock’s Aerospace Center was touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now the sizeable facility is sitting empty, and folks in charge want to tear it down, saying it’ll cost too much to make over for a new tenant. Here’s another case of good intentions gone astray.

A special time. For high school basketball teams, the playoffs are here, and Faulkner County as usual has several contenders. Even if you don’t have direct connections with a school, think about picking one and following it through the post-season action. It is fun. “Going to state” has special meaning for a good many folks in our area.

“It’s always disappointing when you have to stand before your bosses and the students and say we’re making less money and therefore there’s going to be less money for scholarships.”

— Bishop Woosley, director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.