Thumbs: No special election, remembering Workman, pipeline startup

Do without it. Count us among the Arkansans who do not want the bother and expense of a special election for a fill-in lieutenant governor. The regular election is coming in early November. We can do without this part-time constitutional officer until then and save the million or two or more that a special election would cost.


The value of positive. Conway resident John Workman has died at the age of 86. Preacher, writer and much more, he was a cancer survivor and a person always with a smile and a friendly word or two. In late middle age, Workman rode a bicycle from Conway to the top of Mount Magazine then wrote about the experience.

Cart before the horse. For months, the general philosophy is to cut ExxonMobil a little slack in the Mayflower oil spill nightmare while they worked through obvious problems. But how could the company even consider restarting use of the pipeline until all investigations are complete? Another rupture would be doubly disastrous if and where it should occur.

Abandonment. Much in business news lately has been the bankruptcy and probable sale of the venerable Allen’s canning business in northwest Arkansas. Yes, the Popeye spinach folks. Some insiders say things started downhill when the company quit producing canned poke sallet several years back. You are familiar with poke sallet, aren’t you?

A fresh new legend. The Razorbacks’ 87-85 overtime basketball victory over Kentucky was amazing and so welcomed. It came at an opportune time when mouths were downturned about the recent football season and the discouraging start to the conference basketball season. Michael Qualls entered Hog history with that slam dunk winning goal.

Making a stand. Major League Baseball has swatted superstar Alex Rodriguez hard for using performance enhancing drugs. “Everybody does it” is no defense. If this is a step toward bringing our national pastime out of the hands of thugs and back to clean, unencumbered for-real players, then we are heartily in favor.

“There is not anybody that I am aware of that’s jumping up and down to have a special election (for lieutenant governor).”

— Davy Carter, R-Cabot,

Arkansas House

of Representatives Speaker.



Mon, 10/23/2017 - 15:00

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