Thumbs: Rennovation on Oak, BCS Championship, Foxy song

Look around town. Don’t blink or you will miss something changing in or around Conway. The old Chevrolet place on East Oak is scheduled for a makeover into a multi-business facility, restaurant included. This, coupled with Central Landing, will add to Conway Commons as a merchandising magnet for our community.


Leaving is best. We have mixed feelings about the Lt. Gov. Mark Darr brouhaha. Strongest of the feelings is he needs to go. He is damaged goods and as such an impediment to Arkansas government. But his transgressions were fairly minor although flagrant. If someone is going for public office, he or she needs to be squeaky clean.

Filling its billing. Florida State’s dramatic 34-31 victory over Auburn for the football national championship was a dandy. It lived up to expectations but with disappointment to the

Auburnites and the Gus Bus riders, of course. So many times these high profile contests turn out to be duds from a viewer’s standpoint.

Red Wolves howling. John Thompson, the interim Arkansas State football coach with Conway connections, should get a national award after the team’s heart-stopping victory in the GoDaddy Bowl. That award would be best coaching job by a lame duck. Thompson is not being retained by the new ASU football coach, Blake Anderson.

Marching to a beat. From time to time a song soars into popularity for no real reason. “What Does the Fox Say” is the latest example. Catchy tune, incomprehensible lyrics. It was crafted as a spoof by a couple of Norwegian brothers. The Fox situation is something like “Macarena” of a few years back.

Flagship university? Sometimes news, accurate though it may be, becomes burdensome. The University of Arkansas mess involving its advancement program has gone on too long — too much finger pointing and ducking and weaving. Several someones did not perform adequately, but we wish this would just go away and let normalcy return.

“I hoped he [Mark Darr] would do what was in the best interest of Arkansas, and I feel like we gave him plenty of time to make that decision. He made a decision that I think has started the process of an inevitable impeachment hearing.”

— Bruce Westerman (R-Hot Springs),

House majority leader.

Editor’s note: Last week, the quote by pipeline expert Carl Weiner originally appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette