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Editorial: Christmas presents for all

Posted: December 20, 2013 - 3:40pm

Although Christmas isn’t here quite yet, it seems like many in Faulkner County have already opened their presents. We certainly hope everyone got what they wanted or at least what they deserved.

The City of Conway got itself a brand new Christmas tree, complete with (mostly working) lights and a big receipt. The tree has been the topic of heated conversations in recent weeks, but it has done what many thought it would do: bring people to downtown Conway.

Those who hate the tree and the cost got a new reason to rail against the mayor and the city council. They now have new conspiracy theories to play with, and come the next election, if they use this as a rallying point, they could have some new council members to harass.

The city also got another present, although we won’t be allowed to open it for a few more years. The sale of the old airport and the future development of Central Landing is another retail coup that will provide shoppers with more options inside the city. Not only that, but there will most likely be more eating and entertainment options as well. But we’ll have to keep that present under the tree for a while longer.

UCA “officially” got itself a new president, although Tom Courtway had been leading the school for a while, and things seem to be going smoothly. That is exactly what the school needs after the previous administrations. The university also unwrapped a brand new football coach in Steve Campbell. Although everyone sure did like the old model that has been around for 14 years, it is exciting to see a new direction for the UCA Bears.

Not to be outdone, Hendrix got football again. And the Warriors got more than a few wins. The wins — and a few of the losses — were also very exciting, dramatic and close. According to officials with the college, school spirit has definitely risen. More school colors are being worn, and plenty of people could be seen tailgating all season long. We hope this Christmas present lasts for more than just the first season.

The people of Arkansas got a different path for the health insurance changes coming through. With outside-the-box-thinking legislators coming up with a private option, it looks like Arkansas is figuring out a way to help its citizens with this always contentious and important issue.

The citizens of Mayflower may have felt like they got a lump of coal in their stocking. It was just oil ... and more oil. But hopefully they also got a chance at renewal. From the work of county and city officials, as well as multiple private groups, Mayflower is ready to start again following the disaster with the Pegasus pipeline.

Renewal is a good present for any of us to have.

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