Enjoyable. We are moving into mid-October, and the weather seems to be normal — a change from the goofy, perplexing, sometimes depressing stretches earlier this year. Effects of the drought are not gone, but cool nights and warm days do a lot for our general upbeat feelings. A little more gentle rain certainly would be welcomed.


Slim pickin’s. The debates only solidify our feelings that the presidential race is far from presidential in quality, in stature. The dominant negativism permeates down to the state and local levels, too. It’s not Republican versus Democrat. It is meanness and inanity over common sense and relevant issues.

More on target. The University of Central Arkansas Faculty Senate has shifted its focus on athletic money matters, backing off the suggestion of downsizing. Transparency all around is essential at UCA right along with coming up with faculty pay raisers, even tiny ones, and a limit to shifting of funds.

Don’t need them. Three Arkansas legislators or wannabe legislators are bringing unpleasant attention to our state by yapping that slavery was a good thing, all Muslims need to be expelled and do away with benefits for Hispanics. Our state does not have a monopoly on extremists, but we don’t have to put them into office either.

Going good on the gridiron. Look at our five Faulkner County high school football teams. Records as of this morning are 6-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-1 and 3-3. We would not have guessed this at the start of the season. Many challenges, including tonight, are still to be faced, and Greenbrier and Vilonia have to play each other. It’s a good football year in our backyard.

Think then send. Grandma told us that if you don’t want it repeated, then don’t say it. This applies to today’s electronic avenues. Twitter, Facebook, emails, texting are not without the perils of being passed along and even published. Experts tell us that even if you empty the Recycle Bin on your computer, erased files can still be resurrected.


“We are not going to recommend or review any move back to Division II. That train has left the station. We’ve moved too far to go back.”

— Brian Bolter of the UCA Faculty Senate




(UP) A legal High Noon. Interesting situation, this head knocking between Judge Rhonda Wood and attorney Joe Don Winningham in the case of Jeff Johnston, former Faulkner County administrator. The judge popped the attorney with a $5,000 fine, erasable if he withdraws a “frivolous”: motion. The attorney says no way. Do you wanna take bets?



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 00:21

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