McCollum's Column: Volleyball, football and a crazy basketball schedule

Another fresh batch of “David’s Appetizers,” assorted musings and observations from the sports scene:



The University of Central Arkansas volleyball team begins the season Friday at a tournament at the University of Oregon.

The Sugar Bears have won 59 games in the last two seasons, bested only by perennial national power Penn State.



University of Central Arkansas football coach Steve Campbell has his call-in radio show on 103.7 FM The Buzz at 7 p.m. on Mondays as the lead-in to Monday Night Football.

Location. Location.



Oral Roberts leaving the Southland Conference has caused a major upheaval on the schedule (13 instead of 14 teams) for most sports, most notably basketball and particularly to UCA.

ORU was UCA’s travel partner. For example, if Lamar played ORU on a Thursday in basketball, it would play UCA on Saturday and UCA’s Thursday opponent would travel to ORU.

Now, UCA is on an island on the northeastern edge of the conference.

That could mean some open dates for some UCA opponents before they play the Bears a couple of days later.

Normally, the basketball playing days are Thursday and Saturday. This season, UCA teams will play every day of the week (including Sunday) and there will be few doubleheaders. Men and women will play a lot on separate days and often not in the same place.

Just a warning. It will be irregular and chaotic.



When former UCA coach Clint Conque takes his first Stephen F. Austin team to open the season at Kansas State, Zach Conque, a transfer from Texas-San Antonio, will be the starting quarterback.

“The best players play,” said Conque during the Southland Conference’s teleconference this week, echoing a statement he made at UCA many times. “The quarterback position naturally gets a lot of attention and Zach understands (as the son of the coach) he has to do everything right and more. There is no middle ground, gray area, for him, either on or off the field.”



Beginning Wednesday with Abilene Christian and Georgia State, there will be some kind of football game on television every day until Dec. 9.

Those who are not into football are running out of time to hide the remote.


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