McCollum's Column: The many faces of Johnny Manziel on draft day

Even in a coat-and-tie and sitting down, Johnny Manziel was still the most exciting player in college photo.


He photo-bombed the first round of Thursday night’s NFL draft.

It’s probably the most face time a No. 22 pick has ever gotten.

Jadaveon Clowney was the obvious No. 1 choice and one wondered why it took the Texas a full 10 minutes to pick him.

Most of the other picks faded into the background as the focus shifted to Manziel, who won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman in 2012.

The photo opps formed a montage.

See Johnny frown.

See Johnny grimace.

See Johnny look disgusted.

See Johnny look like he has indigestion.

See Johnny drink and what is he drinking.

The most exciting moment of the draft — and possibly of a so-so sports week — was the long delay in which many folks were braced to see in the Cowboys would draft him. During the interval, social media blew up.

See Jon Gruden pontificate like, as one observer mused, Republican strategist Karl Rove did as the watched the 2012 election returns.

Folks who are into these types of drinking games claim Manziel’s name was mentioned 37 times in 90 minutes.

Johnny Football was Johnny ESPN

Or Johnny Draft Day.

Now, he’s Johnny Browns.

He’s possibly the biggest wild card in the draft, which explains the delay.

Some teams didn’t want to draft him because of the unknown factor to the downside.

Some teams didn’t want other teams to draft him because of the unknown factor to the upside.

So, will it be Johnny All-Star or Johnny Bust?

The Browns don’t have a whole lot to lose.

But give Manziel credit. His draft day scramble was almost as exciting as his improvised scrambles on the field.

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