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BJ FOX PHOTO Greenbrier Animal Clinic has the right idea on their sign. Visit Dr. Chris Ward at 284 S Broadview on Highway 65.

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From Greenbrier Collision to Colt’s Quick Draw on Highway 65, I counted 8 flea markets plus 6 more that show up on week-ends on the road-side, 4 used car lots and 3 produce stands (although one can’t make up its mind for all the cars blocking your view), and 18 places to eat once you have checked out all the flea markets (not counting Harps deli carry-out which is fantastic when you’re stuck for a dinner menu). On week-ends, we also get mini pet stores lined up along Greenbrier Plaza shopping center! We even have a knife maker in town. Is this what makes up all of Greenbrier? Not by a long shot.

Greenbrier is a small city with a heart—fantastic schools, 19 churches (mostly Baptist, no Catholic), great city services, and people who care. Since I moved here to retire 10 years ago, I have pushed for more news of Greenbrier. Here we finally are with our own Tuesday full page of coverage. Let’s make the most of it.

I am a transplanted Yankee from Chicago-land who still loves the Cubbies, and my Bears, deep-dish Chicago-style pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. I planted here ten years ago to retire from the interior design field and immediately went into culture shock for three years until I learned “southern ways”. Now, I can ya’all with the best of ‘em--thanks to my friends at Greenbrier First United Methodist Church (GFUMC) who made me feel at home. I gave up carrying a gun long ago when I was faced with one and don’t ever intend to shoot again; but don’t tempt me. Now my trusty shooter is my camera. Just look at the fun sense of humor that I captured from our friend, Dr. Chris Ward at the Greenbrier Animal Clinic. You’re right, Doc. The dog days of summer are wuff! I can’t wait for fall.

This column is revved up again from the days when I wrote a column by this name for ten years in a Chicago suburban newspaper. It will be commentary on people (old, young, good, I hope not bad), places, and happenings. Any time you would like to chime in, that is what this is for—just call me or send an email.

Randy and Lisa Goodnight celebrated 26 years of wedded bliss with a fantastic shish-ka-bob cookout—even though he did lovingly call her a heifer. 50 years are coming up for Charlie and Wrenetta Ault. also Jerry and Ruth Garett this month. Congratulations. Write and tell me how you did it ... please. Doyle Reynolds was flagged on television with a 98th birthday too. Congratulations, also, to Steve Rose for the election to Chairman of the Healthcare Financial Management Association—a first for Arkansas and a fine man who deserves all the honors.

Pastor Kevin Lyon and family have returned from their fun vacation where they laid out on the beach, did some indoor sky-diving, fed giraffes, visited Harry Potter World, and ate marvelous seafood. He’s raring to get back to GFUMC to help the youth count 500 pairs of shoes collected for donations. It’s a little known fact that this small church (the first one on the right coming into town) has a food pantry and regularly feeds dozens of families with bags of groceries every month. They are having a blue jean and coat giveaway on Saturday, Sept. 14 and a blood drive at the church Tuesday, Aug. 27. They have one of the best youth programs in Greenbrier. If you would like to help, just show up or call the church office at (501) 679-2452.

Many times, I’ve heard Greenbrier people say, “Oh, I don’t get The Log Cabin—there’s never any news about us in it.” Well, Baby, that’s changing. Step up and subscribe so you can catch every juicy tidbit about us on Tuesdays. Call 501-329-2927 right away. Wouldn’t you be much happier with a newspaper in your hands when you step into my den to chat? Talk with you soon ... bj (Notice it is with no periods and no spaces.)

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