Posted October 4, 2012 10:52 am

If you could eat lunch with anyone here, who would it be?

So for those of us who visit this site on a fairly regular basis, read the comments, and even comment ourselves, we somewhat get a feel for the other commenters and have those who we either tend to agree or disagree with.  For some commenters we love seeing their posts whether it's because they are funny, insightful, or so ridiculously idiotic that it gives us a good chuckle.  For others commenters we care not to read their posts whether it's because they are always trying to stir up the same bi-partisan political drama or because their posts are so ridulously idiotic that it's annoying.

I've wondered before what it would be like to meet some of these anonymous commenters in public and it made me think about who I or others would meet for lunch if we had the chance.  Would you want to visit with those who make you laugh, those who have similar opinions on matters, or those who you would like to debate with?

For me, I love a good laugh and would enjoy an entertaining lunch with some of the commenters on here who make me laugh on a regular basis.

I suppose if I had to pick four to meet up with for a hilarious lunch meeting I would invite i_wonder, General Disarray, Buzzby, and DJB.  Of course if DJB were invited we would need to tell him that we are meeting 30 minutes later to give the rest of us a chance to secure some food before he wiped out the place and then leave before he causes another gas leak.

If you had the chance to have a casual dinner with four commenters here who would you choose and why?