Swampyville's - "When Truth Dies"

Swampyille's - You're the Poet!Fill in the below banks with the following wordsor use your own words.Beware, Cain, fate, gain, hate, pain, there, vain.When Truth Dies!By L. Don OliverI can feel it,But, I can't see it,But, I know its _____;Among the gathering dust,There in a pile of rust,Saying to all, ______;Counting stars in the sky,That often run and hide,From reality's awaiting ____;Compromising the guise,Of those Who were not wise,And filling them with ____;The Cabals of Glut,They're prone to strut,Displaying their ill gotten ____;The truth that they deceive,Trying to make us believe,It was Abel who slew ____;When the real truth dies,By propagandized lies,The people feel the ____;The children that were born,Who were too eagerly scorned,Their trust was all in ____;Previous Poem.Faded Portrait! by L. Don OliverFaded portrait on the wall,Of someone held so dear;If you listen very closely,There's a voice you can hear;Whisper of forever memories,Of the happy times gone by;Love of the ones touched,And what made them cry;Faded portrait on the wall,Of someone sweet and kind;Who will never be forgotten,By those who were left behind;When we gather together again,When God gives his final call;We will discover very soon,That portrait wasn't faded at all;

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