Posted July 9, 2014 11:32 am - Updated July 9, 2014 11:33 am

Can I get a witness?

I have been researching and observing the behavior of leaders for about a year now. As a PhD student of Leadership Studies there is somewhat of an inconvenience in life because when you see a leader, you instantly start to analyze their leadership style or approach and then you begin to apply those observations against the many theories that are out there about leadership. This is very fun to do as a researcher, but when you start to notice themes, you can’t help, but tell someone.

As I have observed the political race and the twitter/facebook feeds that have accompanied the race I can’t help but think of faith healers. Visualize, if you will, a tent in a rural area beaconing the faithful and the broken, calling out in the shadow of the valley asking for them to bring their huddled masses to the feet of a man with a direct connection with the divine. As the sermon or inspiring talk begins all eyes are on the man at the podium scrutiny, love, faith, and above all hope.

As an audience member, employee, or general follower, the leader symbolizes something, which is different for each person, but no matter what each individual sees, we are commanded to pay attention. Commanded subconsciously or consciously to find fault or find hope in the speaker who we have elevated. Leaders are people. No matter the style of their suit or the length of their words. It takes the masses to make a leader. Can I get a witness?


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