Posted May 30, 2014 08:13 am

Opportunity to lead

Opportunity knocks at the strangest times.  Most days, life makes no sense. One door violently closes, hits you in the face, and leaves a mark even. As you grasp onto your final remnant of consciousness and wane visibility of the floor you notice a glimmer of hope, an opportunity.

High School and college graduations have come and gone and that presents an opportunity. The success of these students does not go unnoticed. We live in a society where education has become a commodity. Is that good or bad? We have put a price on the academically wealthy, but for what reasons? It seems we have advanced our society, our thinking, and our technology. Touch screens are amazing!
I think that innovation is paramount for the continued motion of progress. Let me explain, if you look at new companies or even older established companies those that survey innovate. They push forward and face adversity head on.

Perhaps as a culture steeped in “safety first” and “stranger danger,” fear of confrontation has seeped into our psyche. We are afraid to confront the unknown because we are focused on prevention. 

Why do discussions and think-tank meetings need to be so peaceful? Why should you subdue your passion? Innovation occurs when people are allowed to be free and open. This is possible in safe environments, which are created from a culture that promotes discussion and debate without people being mean. It’s a tough balance. How does one create safety while also rewiring the individual and group as a whole?

That’s where leadership comes in. As a leader, it is important to see, hear, feel, and understand the group you are working with. “Bad” leadership is not characterized by failure, but by lack of communication not only to those who are led, but internally as well.

This leads me back to opportunity. Every day we have the opportunity to be a leader, perhaps not leaders of a corporation or large group, but leaders of ourselves. We choose the conversations in our minds and we entertain the thoughts that come in the darkest of times. If you don’t take the opportunity to lead yourself, how will you lead anyone else?

Just a thought.