Posted May 14, 2014 02:30 pm

When it rains it pours

Today my office-mates and I went out to lunch. We had the wonderful Faby’s, which was a first for me. While walking down the damp downtown a lot of things came to mind. Today I want to write a blog that gives a bit of perspective to life. Think of the rain. When it hits a leaf, the surface and structure of that leaf is affected. It bends and twists. Its very ability to stay upright is in question. Yet, the little green pallet snaps back, sometimes gently and other times with force. As the rain continues this may happen with increasing frequency, but the leaf withstands the blows. When the rain stops, the roots soak up the precipitation and it moves its way up the stem into the leaf that was once assaulted by the many raindrops. The leaf is now stronger and more vibrant than ever. Now take this concept and apply to emotional growth. When we are assaulted by negativity or a challenge it feels as if our world has been taken from us. Our senses are mixed and we can’t seem to make heads of anything. Depression may ensue and we may feel unable to continue, but as the clouds start to break and the sun appears we begin to feel stronger and ready to face the life that is laid out ahead of us. I like to think the rain can teach us some things. It can be scary and stormy at times, but once the storm has passed there is hope once again. Raise of sunshine and the warm breeze. We should all remember this: There is healing to come after the storm. We can be free of some of the darkest situations if we allow the storm to roll on. Don’t let it stay. “Rain rain, go away”