Operation Asian Persuasion: Part 1

My best friend, Bethany has moved to South Korea to teach English to the primary students in Gangnam. Yes, indeed it is the town, which inspired the viral video “Gangnam style.” Now, despite musical genius, the city also is the host of a large metropolis filled with people from across the globe.

I have decided to visit Ms. Bethany this fall during Thanksgiving. As a result the countdown has begun and it’s time to make a mad dash to the library for some South Korean books on etiquette, culture, and language. Interesting fact about me is that I love languages and learn them rather quickly, so I’m not too concerned about that, but the customs, I hear, are very different than our own, so I will be on my toes.

This will be a journey into the life of someone getting ready for South Korea. I hope that you will join me in the journey, and perhaps you will learn something along with me.

Alongside the blog, I will be making video logs (Vlogs) of me getting ready. This will range from language lessons, culture talks, and much more! As I learn I’m hopefully going to teach you. Special guests will include Korean professors and peoples from around Conway and surrounding areas.

Please leave some comments about what I should be doing to get ready and what I absolutely need to see while in South Korea (if you’ve been there).

Stay tuned for an exciting adventure!


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ArkansasTraveler 05/08/14 - 12:56 pm
South Korea


It has been awhile since I've been there but there used to be a drive-through safari land just south of Seoul and also there was a huge amusement park there that had a tremendously big ferris wheel. Also, there is a neat place southeast of Taegu near the town of Masan that is called Bugo Hawaii.. Very neat.. You could go to Mt. Sorak in the northeast or maybe pheasant hunting on Cheju-Do island. Don't drink the mahkli (rice wine) or the soju (the clear whiskey); it will make your socks roll up and down by themselves. Do sample the kimchi and bulgogi but don't eat kagogi (dog meat). Try to go to Seoul to Itaewon to do shopping and if you can you might check out the Sheraton Walker Hill hotel in Seoul. It used to be the "cat's meow"..

Have fun..

Sheldon Slinkard
Sheldon Slinkard 05/08/14 - 02:04 pm

I will definitely check these places out! My friend goes to Itaewan a lot for shopping and Karaoke. She actually works in Seoul, so that will help with my site-seeing. I can't wait! Also, I will have a video of me giving a short overview of South Korea and using my terrible Korean. Limited to 10% of the alphabet, and 2 phrases.

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