Posted April 21, 2014 12:59 pm

Bunny Buddies

Nivens is enjoying his leisure time

Today has been a day of intrigue, danger, and....bunnies. Let me explain.

I've been "in the market" for a new furry friend and have fallen short several times. It seems when I have the perfect dog picked out it either gets adopted, or it's previous owner regrets giving it up. 

I'm a dog person, you see. I don't trust cats, there's something about their intelligence and sneaky personalities that truly creep me out.


So, while on this road of wanting a furry companion, I caught wind of someone owning a domesticated bunny. I found it odd. Not being a true native of the South my mind began to wonder,

"Is its meat more tender when raised indoors?" 

"Is eating a pet rabbit as faux pas as eating a pet dog?"

How strange, but upon further research this indeed is a rather frequent occurance all over the United States. Like any concerned Father-to-be I began researching. Parenting books on your buck-toothed baby, Bunny blogs, and the occassional call-in to the local vet riddled my weekend. 


One of my good friends, Tim, has a rather large dog. Half black lab and half shepherd, so you can imagine the glint in Ranger's (his dog) eye when I mentioned the bunny. I don't think a rabbit-style chew toy will be fashioned from my newly adopted bunny, but we will see. There are a few articles talking about Dog-Rabbit relations. It seems legitimate. 


I'm adopting him from a wonderful lady in Conway. His name is Nivens. 

Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post stories and photos of the little fur-ball as he gets comfortable in the house and among my cuddly tendencies. 

and PS: I'm still in search for my perfect dog, but one that can be gentle with the bunny. Bunny buddies!