Posted November 24, 2012 01:19 pm

'Sexy' coaching hire not what Arkansas needs

So Smith is out as the Razorbacks coach. Color me not shocked.

But the only thing worse than people screaming to fire a coach is the same screaming to hire certain coaches. Most of the ones doing the screaming wouldn't know a good coach if he ran a zone blitz on them.

One particular employee of the Log Cabin Democrat seems to only want someone who is attractive roaming the sidelines, despite their actual experience running a college program or recruiting said program (Seriously? Troy Aikman? Seriously?)

The fact is the best coaches, Nick Saban not withstanding, aren't just the "big names." I am sure that South Carolina has been happy with Steve Spurrier, but in all his years as the head coach of the Gamecocks, they have only been to one SEC Championship game. That's one fewer than Houston Nutt. Jon Gruden may have a Super Bowl ring, but he was fired a few years later for watching his Tampa Bay team sink into mediocrity on his watch. Why does anyone think he has the chops to coach an SEC team?

The truth is that most average fans didn't know about Urban Meyer before Florida snatched him up. Quick, where did he coach before? (A: Utah). Notre Dame is reaping the success from Brian Kelley. Where did he come from again? (A: Cincinnati) In fact, I wonder if enough people could remember what their first reaction was to hearing about Bobby Petrino's hiring? I'm betting it wasn't complete absolute admiration. (He's coaching a 3-10 Atlanta team? He coached at Louisville? Doesn't sound great)

Forget the "sexy" hire. Sexy hires rarely work out. Arkansas just doesn't have the cache to poach another major conference's team for their coach (Unless maybe that coach is Tommy Tuberville, who would give anything to get out of West Texas). Despite what some people think, the SEC is not the be all, end all for coaches. They don't "all" want to come here.

If you're smart, Razorback fans, you'll embrace a coach like James Franklin. He's not flashy. He's not on television all the time. He has just found a way to win ... at Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt is bowl eligible. Arkansas is not. 

In the end, winning is sexy.