Posted July 16, 2012 10:56 am

A curfew is a curfew

Bruce Springsteen and Dante Silvio, otherwise known as Steven Van Zandt at Hard Rock Calling Festival. AP PHOTO

I guess it doesn't matter how big of a star you are. If your time runs out, they tend to pull the plug. Now I am not talking about life. I am talking about good old fashioned rock and roll.

You may not find two bigger rock stars than Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen's recent concert in London's Hyde Park was cut short by organizers while he was in the middle of a jam session with McCartney. The two stars had pushed past the alloted time frame, so rather than allow them to finish the show, the plug was literally pulled.

Anyone who knows about Springsteen shows realizes that he tends to run a bit long. Usually the performer is threatened with a fine. I have heard of bands being forced to pay $10,000 if they run long. That would be pocket change for Mr. Thunder Road. But when you throw on stage the greatest rock celebrity in the history of your country (and one of the most beloved in England), you would think the people running this particular show would have shown some restraint.

Hyde Park must have some pretty influential neighbors who complained about the racket.