Posted April 3, 2014 09:01 am

Mind on the weather and the weather on my mind

Benjamin Pierce, a patron of the Botkinburg Foursquare church, sifts through the wreckage on Wednesday after a tornado demolished the church north of Clinton.

You know it's too hot outside. You see the clouds moving differently. Start trying to locate Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel crew. It's that time of year....severe weather season.

Here's something I did last year that gave me alerts faster than a meterologist can say 'polar vortex.' Sign up for the Code Red weather warnings and have text messages sent directly to your phone. I saw Conway Police Chief A.J. Gary tweeting about it this morning. The link is on the Conway Police Department website or you can go to to sign up.

It's simple and easy and may give you a little bit of comfort instead of that feeling of dread staring out the window.

Remembering the April 2011 Vilonia and the April 2013 Van Buren County tornados today and those Arkansans still haunted by the storms.