Posted March 31, 2014 08:56 am

Lilo Trainwreck

I tried to grab a few minutes of television last night and got stuck on the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network because, well, there's no excuse, I just like it. I watched the full interview of Kevin Hart, comedian and proud short man; he seems to have it all together. I like that he's paid his dues to get where he's at and I think there's something freeing and cleansing about being able to laugh at yourself.

When the Oprah Prime interview ended, I saw the beginning of the 'documentary' being filmed on Lindsay Lohan. (It's called a documentary, but it's just a reality show following her around.) I looked down at my dog and said, "There's NO way I'm watching this."

I lied.

Before I could locate the remote, I was already involved.

She's like a trainwreck and it's nearly impossible to look away. In the first few minutes, they fired an assistant for drinking wine in front of 'sober' LiLo and by the end of the program her sobriety coach was leaving town and hinted that Lindsay isn't staying clean.

Why do we keep giving celebrity status (and money) to talented kids and then throw more money at them as we watch them implode? Bieber, Amanda Bynes, Macauley Culkin, River Phoenix, Corey Haim, Cory Monteith - I mean really the list is just too long.

I tweeted Oprah and told her that I don't think this show is helping Lindsay and it may be better to encourage her to build a normal life.

Here's my S/O to Lindsay...Pack it up, go find another life and when you really get it together, come back. Hollywood loves a comeback.