Posted March 21, 2014 11:50 am

You belong in a cop car

I ran across a few people this week that should be in the back of a cop car. (No, Keith Urban, not falling in love, just getting arrested.)

If you're following me on Twitter (@ConwayGirl) you saw that I requested special permission from the Conway Police Department to ticket skate boarders because they annoy me. (Either the Police Chief is still considering my request or he's filed me in his 'SHE'S CRAZY' file.) I'm willing to spend some of my personal time in hot pursuit of the skaters and clean up the streets. Quick question... can I bump them with my car or do I need to use a taser to stop them? We can work out the details when I get my permit.

The other people are the ones who are smoking pot in public.

Citizen's arrest! Citizen's arrest!

Let's not ignore the obvious, it's a controlled substance. Your personal feelings about it (you think it's harmless or the law is stupid or at least it's not ____) don't matter; the stuff is against the law.

Let's talk about how it's being used frequently, in public, out in the open, at our city parks and around. C'mon, that's where our kids play. I'm not saying that sitting in your parked car smoking a joint while your kid swings takes you out of the running for parent of the year, but I think you should assume you won't make the top 25.

If smoking dope is that important to you, move to the Rockies. I'll be sorry to see you go but that's life. In my opinion, smoking pot should be enough to get you arrested. I think sometimes it takes more than the act alone to get in trouble because policemen and jails are busy but you don't look cool or above the law; you look like a criminal.