Posted February 17, 2014 11:40 am

Log Cabin Fever

Funny how weather is the instigator for strange behavior.

No sunlight. Rainy, damp weather then super cold days when the air is filled with too much static electricity.

You get cabin fever. I get Log Cabin fever - which is much worse because there's so much bizarre stuff happening no one know what goes in the paper!

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY! The clouds parted and just that quickly there were 10 ft. tall chickens and weird statues set up and marked 'For Sale' on Hwy. 64 on the north side of Conway. I guess the draw was to attract Popeye's or Lowe's traffic. Afterall, when selling huge metal yard birds, location is key.

And then by 1 p.m. the fast and furious street racing crowd gathered at Fifth Avenue Park responding to what I must assume was an 'all' text to polish the hot rods and gather the pistons for a chance to show off the engines by parking, popping the hoods, and revving the engines. Vin Diesel was a no-show.

I think 60 degrees in Conway is like 88 mph to Doc Brown's DeLorean. I'll take it.