Posted January 23, 2014 02:30 pm

You can thank Huckster for Uncle Sugar

When I had a chance to meet Gov. Huckabee I was impressed with his speaking ability and how engaging he was as he spoke. Maybe I should've LISTENED to what he was saying!

Is it possible that someone considering running for the biggest office in the land thinks one of the most threatening issues facing the United States is whether or not a woman can control her libido? (I'm sorry America. It looks like the Huck is on the loose again.)

When I first noticed #Uncle Sugar trending on Twitter, I knew it would be bad. See, it's a cross between Uncle Sam and Sugar Daddy. Cute, huh? I'd like to think the Reverend didn't run that past Janet before he went live with it but I could be wrong.

I won't go into any detail, because it doesn't need more airtime, but this early in the POTUS race, this type of comment gets lots of momentum and the prospective candidate gets false hope.

Gov. Huckabee, don't tell me that I'm a victim of my gender and I won't attempt to educate you on how it takes two to tango and - putting the shoe on the other foot - if men were in control of their libidos birth control wouldn't be necessary.