Next stop: Pottersville!

The queen of daytime was known for her instincts about what people liked and needed... until 1998. That's when Oprah lost touch with the public. She failed to predict that Beloved wouldn't be loved, and it lost like $60 million. Much like Cougar in Top Gun, she lost her edge; she was holding on too tight.

I think I've been Oprahfied.

I've consistently talked about housing problems in Conway. You've read my posts about local slum lords and poor living conditions and that our working poor are spending an extremely high percentage of their minimum wage on housing. I thought you'd care because I care.

I just can't walk away. It's time to dig into the hard discussion on housing. Are we afraid that concentrating low income housing in certain areas will increase crime in those areas? On the flip side, are we afraid that if we scatter subsidized housing to different parts of Conway, property values will decrease in those areas? You can find facts to back up both sides. How bout this, regardless of the economics, children should have a safe neighborhood with decent housing, Mr. Potter.

The new Central Landing construction at the old airport will change that landscape by 2017. What does Chateau Mobile Village look like in 2017? Does it remain? If it goes away, where will those residents live? In Cowtown? In the Helen Street/Club Lane area? Oakwood? Are we willing to have some open discussions about this? Our diverse community, home to both the gay pride parade and the open carry gun celebration, deserves some attention be paid to the housing and safety of all its residents moving forward.

Cue: It's a Wonderful Life

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Budnmud 01/17/14 - 04:06 pm
Key players

You know as well as every other resident of Conway that there are three or four maybe five key players that could solve this with one meeting, not going to happen... Its all about the money and power...

Sorry to bust your bubble...

David 01/18/14 - 01:58 pm

"Let's all play nice!" It didn't work in elementary school or at home or at boy/girl scouts or at church did it? It won't work in housing development either. We don't love our neighbors; we love ourselves. Fortunately, we also have the capacity for change so don't stop doing the right thing and trying to get the rest of us to do the same.

Rhonda Overbey
Rhonda Overbey 01/20/14 - 01:16 pm
Love your neighbor!

Bud, Bud, Bud
I'm with you 100%.
I know.
I could name three of the five players.
Until I'm told this problem has been solved, I'll keep rattling the chains. And yes, I still believe in a place called HOPE!

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