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Political season: Is that it?

My anticipation for the 2014 elections peaked the first week of November.

The focus has shifted to gathering signatures for judicial candidates, a few tasteless television commercials (Tom Cotton's mother really really loves him) and who's tweeting what and to how many followers who may or may not actually vote. 

There are still a few names being whispered about town who may run for a position, districtwide or statewide. There 's still a little time to announce.

Will there be a swing in political party power in state government? How will the governor's race impact the House and Senate races? And locally, we're seeing judicial shifts, a new city attorney, and I'm still anticipating a few local officials to seek higher office. 

Along with toys in his sleigh, let's hope Santa brings us a few more political announcements so at least each race is contested.


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