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Bezo's drone army

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Bezo's drone
Bezo's drone

I don't know how much money Jeff Bezo earns annually but I know he's got money to invest in building flying drones. And buying big newspaper companies.

It's a few years in the making but on a slow news day, Bezo's drone was everywhere. Order from Amazon and like a pizza, your purchase will be delivered to your house in less than 30 minutes. Not really a step into the digital future but a move into the Star Wars age. Oh, I can just imagine young Anakin building and repairing little drones on Tatooine. Nevermind, those were droids, not drones. (And just like that, George Lucas earns another penny.)

Anyway, in my line of work, I'm more interested in Bezo's investment and modifications to his most recent big purchase, the Washington Post. In my tiny brain, I'm seeing a fleet of drones cost-effectively and efficiently delivering the morning newspaper to every porch in the country.

He could build an army of drones. Like take one perfect drone and clone it millions of times. No, wait, those are storm troopers I'm picturing.

Pay Mr. Lucas.

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Courtney Spradlin
Courtney Spradlin 12/04/13 - 11:13 am

I love this idea. I wish

I love this idea. I wish they'd hurry up and work out all the kinks. I'd order something from Amazon just to see the little drone come over. But it's likely we're not going to see them around here unless we're close to an Amazon distribution center that I'm not aware of.
I've read the issues are still battery life and weight, general distrust of drones, and FAA regulations.

I am hoping these little dudes start delivering pizzas and groceries and eventually, not unlike the world of Harry Potter where everyone has their messenger owl, every household gets to have a drone that could run to Walgreens with an order. Or maybe pick up some Chinese food.

TVenture 12/04/13 - 11:52 am



Why would you use a high-tech drone to deliver some ancient compressed wood pulp? Drone utility is very promising, but I seriously doubt bezos is going to waste his initial efforts on the drone program by delivering antiquated print-news. When all the kinks are finally worked out (drone cost, operation, legal barriers, insurance barriers, etc.) to make it cheap enough to say "sure, go ahead and have some divisions start delivering periodicals", most of the periodicals will be long gone.

David McCollum
David McCollum 12/04/13 - 02:18 pm

If it flew into restricted

If it flew into restricted airspace, would it be shot down?

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