Posted May 20, 2013 10:39 am

Spelling is a basic life skill

I understand why cursive writing instruction is being taken out of the classroom - spend more time on math and sciences.

What about typing? More of a learned skill these days.

How about spelling? NBD because few people are required to spell things out like B4 in the olden days (10 years ago) because spelling is a P2C2E* and everyone is too BZ and the English language is 511.

Here's another basic missed opportunity...mail. The average young person doesn't know how to address an envelope. You think I'm J/K? Ask your young person to mail a letter or note card somewhere and prove me wrong. Do they even know how to fill out a check? Doubt it.

Top trending on Twitter today: #WhenISeeAObamaBumperSticker - You realize it should be AN Obama sticker? They can't even use their right of free speech without a grammatically incorrect hate #hashtag.

Am I just missing that these are basic life skills? I'm not talking about churning butter or shoeing horses; I'm talking about knowing that addresses are three lines and whether to use 'a' or 'an' in front of Obama.