Posted May 8, 2012 08:23 am

Did Castle jump the shark?

Mondays at 9 p.m. - Castle

When I get involved in a TV show, I'm commited. Like, I cancel other things in my life so I'll be able to watch the programs. My schedule was starting to get tight and I felt a little 'over-committed' to my television last year with Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Big Brother, the entire Oprah Winfrey Network lineup, etc. This year, I cut it all out.

Well, all except one show...Castle.

Last night was the season finale and like what eventually happened on Moonlighting, the couple admitted they loved each other.

It'll take skilled writers to bring the characters back next season and still make it interesting. Of course, they could wake up from a dream. It's happened. I was there when they shot JR. I was there when Bobby Ewing was in the shower. I was there when The Fonz jumped the shark. And I'll be there when Castle and Beckett have to go back to the precinct.