Posted March 19, 2012 08:38 am

My lesson after Barnaby Jones

Jed Clampett as Barnaby Jones

Today was Granny's birthday.

She's been gone 14 years and although I look and sound just like my mother, my mean ole Granny influenced me more than any person in my childhood. From saving alumninum foil to always having too much toilet tissue in reserve, the lessons she learned during the Great Depression were passed to me.

When I spent the night at Granny's house, we'd watch her favorite TV show Barnaby Jones starring Buddy Ebsen. Oddly enough, he also starred as Jed Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies but Granny didn't like that show because people told her she looked and acted like Granny Clampett.

After Barnaby Jones ended and the TV and lights were turned off, Granny's best lesson began. Every night, we'd get on our knees and kneel beside her little bed and say our prayers. Granny didn't let me pray a child's prayer; we prayed big prayers for everyone. We told the Lord everything that was going on and sometimes it took awhile. I think Granny would've prayer for hours if her knees hadn't hurt and I hadn't been fidgeting.

Glad that lesson stuck with me.