Three Died This Time

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    A known racist, anti-Semite, former KKK leader and white supremist killed 3 (Christians) at Jewish centers thinking he was killing Jews, whom he hates (as well as apparently many other groups).  Being a racist is a 'life style' choice.  Being a white supremist is a 'life style' choice.  Being an anti-Semite is a 'life style' choice.  Joining and leading the KKK is a choice.  Hating is a choice you make, according to conditioning and environment during your early years, as are the other 'choices' I mentioned.  Growing up, you must dust off the past from your feet and walk a new road.

    No one should die from the motivation of hate.  Hate is borne by the hater, not the hated.  It is a choice one makes to act on it.  Just because the act was committed with GUNS is not a reason for the RWNJs to throw out the 'liberals want the government to take our guns' strawman argument, they usually do.  Please don't bother this time, it is like hearing a record player skip back over and over and over, and it is not true.  Never the less, you are welcome to beat up your strawman here if you please.  But don't forget the 3 (white) Christians who died at the hands of a proclaimed racist and white supremist (and a snitch according to reports).  Whatever religion or beliefs they held were never a part of the equation.  Just one man with a lot of hate who decided to act on it.  His name is unimportant.  I will not mention it.

Instead, let us remember Terri Lemanno and Reat Griffin (an Eagle Scout with a gift for song), and his grandfather, retired Dr. William Corporon. 

Stupid is as stupid does. Let's quit making the perpetrators infamous, or famous (as they think) and call them just another mass murderer. 

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ArkansasTraveler 04/23/14 - 06:32 am
Scary, Isn't it?

For once, I agree with you..

mikeng1994 04/23/14 - 07:22 am

You finally said it Reader. Evil people will commit evil acts, and that's what we need to condemn. Now lets all move forward and prosecute the offenders and try and educate and help the next hater before it comes to violence.

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