Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are SOCHI 2014

As someone who is not a fan of the Olympic Games, having lived in Atlanta during the wind up to and the presentation of the games, I must say the current situation has the world watching as equality for LGBTQ people becomes the Civil Rights issue of the day.  I feel its a good thing, although it is more than surprising.  

Apparently the whole mess boils down to gay people coming out and terrorists doing the same.  Although I have always felt the terrorist threats to Sochi were red herrings, the fat lady hasn't sung.  

Meanwhile the back in the USA, conservatives conclude the climate can't be changing after all this snow and ice and women's libidos are the problem with unwanted pregnancies.  A political (un)reality unfolding before our very eyes. People who have worked all their lives for minimum wage (or less) don't deserve UI extensions during the greatest capitalist fall in history.  They have turned lazy over night.  Just amazing!

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