Posted June 18, 2014 01:23 pm

It needed to be said

The Conway Police Department today released a statement asking all of us to please lock our car doors at all times. It seems a couple of 16-year-old girls got themselves arrested for pulling on car doors, getting into the cars that were unlocked and taking things that didn't belong to them while hanging out over by the movie theater.

Ah, to be young and stupid again.

But seriously. Locking your car door is just good sense. I've read a lot (a LOOOOT) of police reports over the years, and it always surprises me how many people leave their car doors unlocked.

Now, a determined thief can still get in if the doors are locked. But if you don't leave anything valuable in there, you'll have nothing to worry about. At the very least, don't leave it sitting there in plain sight. It's like an invitation to the degenerate criminal mind.

Most popular things stolen from cars? Clothing, cell phones and computers. But thieves will take just about anything you leave sitting out. That's why the only thing sitting in my car is empty Diet Dr. Pepper cans.

Speaking of thieves, here's something else that needs to be said. Don't leave your bicycles outside if at all possible.

Every day a bicycle gets stolen. At least one. Even bicyles that are chained up, because for some reason, criminals just love bicycles. And apparently they carry around chain-cutting tools so they can steal ones that belong to responsible bike owners. And they steal them from little children during the wee hours of the night. Daily. I don't know how many police reports I've read about parents reporting their child's bicycle stolen, and there goes $80 to $300 down the drain. It happens all the time. I know. It's a sad commentary on the time we live in, right?

So please, for the love of sanity, bring your bicyles inside your garage or your locked storage building or your home or your apartment. You can't stop these deviants of society from doing what they do, but at least you can try to deter them from doing it to you.